Second Annual Meeting of the Trafficking in Persons Working Group and Following the Money Forum

Location: BangkokDate: 16 - 19 May 2016
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During the Second Annual Meeting of the Bali Process Working Group on Trafficking in Persons in Bangkok, Thailand, Co-Chairs acknowledged the current global context of unprecedented levels of displacement and mobility of persons, and the continuing importance of regional cooperation to combat transnational crimes including Trafficking in Persons and related transnational crimes, such as money laundering and other economic crimes. Co-chairs reaffirmed the value of the Working Group as a mechanism for Bali Process members to shape a regional approach to combating Trafficking in Persons.

The Working Group agreed to the following priorities for 2016-17, as set out in an updated Work Plan:

  • Expanding the promotion and use of the Bali Process policy guides.
  • Developing guidance tools, including on indicators of trafficking for law and justice officials.
  • Continuing to share information on regional trends and best practice approaches to TIP.
  • Implementing outcomes of the Bali Process Following the Money Forum.
  • Promoting effective engagement with the private sector and NGOs.
  • Continuing cooperation with the Bali Process Working Group on Disruption of Criminal Networks involved in People Smuggling and TIP.
  • Oversighting the Regional Support Office in developing a Regional Roadmap for States on Effective Law and Policy Frameworks to Combat Trafficking in Persons.

Following the Money Forum

The Office of the Attorney - General of Thailand and the Australian Attorney-General’s Department co-hosted the Bali Process Following the Money Forum in Bangkok, Thailand over 16-17 May 2016. The Forum was a Bali Process Working Group on Trafficking in Persons event, focused on highlighting the value of leveraging anti-money laundering and asset recovery tools and techniques to disrupt the illicit profits of Trafficking in Persons criminal networks.

88 participants attended, including law and justice officials from 30 Bali Process member countries and 5 international organisations. Presentations included case studies from the Thai Anti-Money Laundering Office, the Sri Lankan Police, the Indonesian Attorney-General’s Office, the Australian Federal Police, and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.